Życzenia z Paderborn

Dear Leszek,
thank you much for your warm greetings regarding chrismas event. I wish you, your family, and the members of the Society of Friends of Przemysl a merry and peaceful Christmas and happiness, success and, above all, health for the new year. I also express these wishes on behalf of the Society of Friends of Paderborn. For the Society of the Friends of Paderborn, a successful year comes to an end. In addition to several excellent events, in August we organized a ten-day trip through Poland with the stations Wroclaw, Warsaw, Krakow and Przemysl. Highlights in Przemysl were the meeting with members of the circle of friends in the fish restaurant Starzawa and in the restaurant Cuda Wianki.
Next year, we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of town twinning in Przemysl and Paderborn.
For 2018, I wish many encounters with friends from Przemysl to keep the partnership and friendship between 
the two cities alive.

Best regards

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